There's More to Vinyl Flooring Than You Likely Realize

Are you one of the many consumers who thinks of vinyl flooring and thinks only of rolls of vinyl flooring? While these are a great choice and very popular, there are many more options on the market and Menlo Flooring can help you decide between them.

The many options you have when choosing a vinyl floor

From the classic to incredible new vinyl floor advancements, Menlo Flooring can help you with a wide range of flooring options including:

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Get the look of wood for much less

Vinyl wood flooring can look and feel identical to the real thing but for much less. Why spend three times as much for flooring that’s more difficult to clean and install?

Choose a flooring option that’s easy to maintain

No matter which type of vinyl flooring you choose, you can count on it being easy to maintain. It’s a popular choice for families with small children and can be used in any room in the home.

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