Your Vinyl Flooring Options Are Nearly Endless

When you want a flooring option that’s affordable, highly durable, and gives you nearly endless options, then you want vinyl flooring. Stop by Menlo Flooring’s state-of-the-art showroom for Palto Alto, Los Altos, and Redwood City to see the options for yourself.

Which vinyl options are you most interested in?

Whether you already know exactly what you want, or you need help learning more about what’s out there, Menlo Flooring can help. Stop by to discover the latest in luxury vinyl tile, vinyl sheet flooring, woven tiles, and many more! There are more colors and patterns available than you could possibly count.

Ceramic Tile Styles
Affordable Ceramic Tile Flooring

Choose a flooring option that’s easy to clean and maintain

Why bother investing in a floor that will look great for a few months but quickly become so much work to maintain that it falls into disrepair? That’s not an issue with sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles. All you have to do is sweep away dust and debris and use a damp mop to clean it. That’s it! It’s made specifically to be used in wet and damp areas.

Vinyl flooring is an affordable option

Compared to other flooring choices, vinyl is relatively affordable. From luxury vinyl to discount vinyl title, there’s such a range of options and so many choices out there that virtually anyone can find something that fits within their budget and matches their style.

Ceramic Tile Floor
Ceramic Tile Floor Installation

Vinyl is a durable choice that could last for decades

Depending on the specific type of vinyl that you choose, it could last for ten or twenty years. Most types are stain resistant and water resistant. In short: You can count on this floor to last for quite some time. Do you still have questions about your options? Come talk to the passionate floor associates at Menlo Flooring.