Bathroom and Slate Tile Flooring for the Palo Alto Area

Whether you need bathroom tiles, ceramic tiles, backsplash tile, or tiles for your outdoor patio, Menlo Flooring is always here to help, catering to Palo Alto and surrounding areas. Choose from a huge selection of tile, get expert advice on what options work best for which needs, and find competitive prices – all in one place.

Natural stone tile flooring offers a timeless appearance

While you’ll have many options in stone tile and other types of tile, natural stone tile, such as slate tile, is a popular choice for several reasons: it has an appearance that’s both unique and timeless, the through-body color means you don’t have to worry about chipping, it can add value to your home, it’s incredibly durable, and it can be re-polished as it ages or becomes scratched.

Slate Flooring
Unique Slate Flooring

How to choose backsplash tile

The right backsplash tile can totally transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Choosing the right colors or materials can be a challenge. The experienced staff at Menlo Flooring can help you compare your options to make the right decision. Many of our customers choose a few tile samples they like, tape them up in their kitchen, and live with them for a while to see what they like best.

What are the best bathroom tiles for your home?

You’ve got lots of options in bathroom tiles, from ceramic to porcelain bathroom tile. Others choose what’s known as a rug tile pattern in front the bathtub or sink. Essentially, most of the bathroom floor will be done with one color of tile while a rectangle of another color will be installed in front of the bathtub or sink to create the look of a rug.

Cornish Slate Floor