Porcelain tile floors work perfectly for a wide range of rooms

There are a seemingly endless number of reasons that homeowners and business owners choose porcelain floor tile. From its natural resistance to wear and tear, the minimal maintenance that’s required to keep it up, the numerous styles it’s available in, and its water-resistant properties, this is an option that works for almost every need. If you’re considering investing in this affordable flooring material, then Menlo Flooring is the partner you want to work with.

Do you need floors that can handle significant wear and tear?

You’ll find porcelain tile being used in virtually every room of the house and in commercial spaces too, due in part to its high breaking strength. This results in a flooring option that can maintain its appearance for much longer than other floors. With its hard, non-porous nature, it can resist everything from stains to scratches and fading to chipping and won’t have the well-worn look many other floors can get.

Porcelain Tiles Water
Porcelain Flooring

Do you need flooring that essentially takes care of itself?

Cleaning porcelain tile floors is simple. Since they’re non-porous, they repel bacteria and are virtually stain-proof. Used both indoors and outdoors, porcelain flooring is slip resistant and doesn’t require any sealing to be water resistant. Cleaning up spills is as easy as grabbing a bucket of water and some detergent but porcelain can also stand up to harsh cleaning methods.

Choose from a huge range of porcelain tile flooring

You want a huge selection and Menlo Flooring offers that to you. No matter what color or style you need, you can bet we’ll have something that will work for you. Stop by our state-of-the-art showroom and see for yourself. Our helpful, experienced associates are here to help you find an affordable option that will meet all your flooring needs.

Porcelain Tile Flooring