Marmoleum Floors: a natural environmentally-friendly flooring option

Homeowners or commercial property owners who want an environmentally-friendly flooring option need look no further than marmoleum click panels and squares. This is a completely natural flooring choice that’s made from raw materials and recycled content. Choose from a wide range of colors, designs, and styles when you work with Menlo Flooring.

Choose the chemical-free option

When you want the look, feel, and long-lasting properties of linoleum, but without the chemicals, marmoleum is your top choice. It’s free from chemicals, it’s eco-friendly, and it’s made from materials that are rapidly renewable and bio-based. Put simply: it’s a top choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Environmentally-friendly flooring
Marmoleum flooring styles

Take your pick of many designs and spend less than you’d guess

Many consumers assume that eco-friendly flooring options are more expensive than their traditional counterparts. One of the biggest advantages of using marmoleum sheet flooring is that it can be one of the most affordable of all occupancy-ready flooring. You’ll also find numerous shades, designs, and patterns. Work with Menlo Flooring for the best prices, best selection, and exceptional customer service.

It’s earned its nickname as “the 40-year linoleum”

There are a lot of reasons to consider marmoleum sheet flooring, including the fact that it’s one of the most durable and long-lasting flooring options on the market. The body color is very thorough, which means scratches are hidden, and because marmoleum click panels and squares are used, it’s simple to repair.

Maintenance is as simple as your basic damp mop

It doesn’t take special cleaners or tools to keep your marmoleum sheet floor clean. Simply grab a mop, get it damp, and use your favorite eco-friendly cleaner when you need a deep clean, or sweep your daily mess with a basic kitchen broom. It couldn’t be easier.