Custom Carpet in Palo Alto

You want the right style, fabric, and price – but rarely do these three needs seem to come together. At Menlo Carpeting we’ve got your carpet flooring needs covered! Work with a carpet store that has every type of carpet you need – coupled with the competitive prices you demand.

Durable Commercial Carpet

When shopping for commercial carpet you have a lot to consider. You need carpeting that’s durable in heavy traffic areas. You need low pile options that don’t trap dust or dirt. Carpet tiles are a popular choice for industrial carpet but no matter what you’re looking for, Menlo Carpeting is here to help.

Commercial Carpet
Home Carpet

Custom Carpet for Homes

The needs of a residential client are likely different than those of a commercial carpet client. That’s why we have carpets for sale that meet virtually every need. From custom carpet to perfectly match your décor and needs, to natural wool carpet for the comfort you’ve been craving, we have you covered.

Carpet Flooring for Rental Properties

Property management carpet is unique in its own way. Property managers want carpet that will look great and attract high-quality renters but they also need extra-durable carpeting that will stand the test of the time – and whatever their tenants put it through. Many property management companies are also looking for great deals on bulk carpets for sale. Once again, Menlo Carpeting has these needs and more met.

Rental Property Carpet
Specific Types of Carpet

Do you need a specific type of carpet?

Some of our clients come to us with an exact idea of what carpet they need. Perhaps they’re looking for nylon brands carpet or perhaps they’re looking for high-pile. Other clients have no idea. They may have a color in mind but aren’t sure of the pros and cons of each option. Our experienced staff is here to help you discover the right carpet for your unique needs.