Carpet tiles have been a popular choice for decades.

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The many advantages of carpet tiles

Whether you’re shopping for residential or commercial carpet tiles, there are many advantages to using them:

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Get cheap carpet tiles without losing quality

One of the best things about cheap carpet tiles is that they’re very cost effective without being cheaply made. They have a strong backing which means you won’t have the added expense of an underlay and, because they can be custom laid in any room, you don’t have the waste you’d have with traditional rolls of carpet.

Tiles and carpets are perfect for industrial or commercial settings

Commercial carpet tiles are perfect for high traffic areas. Keeping them clean is as simple as regular vacuuming but when spills and accidents do happen, the affected tiles can be replaced without the need to treat or replace the entire room.

Find the right carpet tiles for your needs

Whether you're shopping for your home or business, Menlo Flooring has a huge selection not just of carpet tiles, but many other custom carpet flooring options for Palo Alto and surrounding areas. Let our experienced staff help you find the affordable flooring solutions you’ve been looking for.